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Café Menu

Our Café features a delectable blend of offerings. The items listed below are subject to availability. Menu was updated as of August 16, 2016.

Breakfast & Pastries

French Toast

French Toast Regular: $5    Large: $7
Served with cinnamon, powdered sugar, maple syrup & butter.

  • Add Fresh Fruit (Seasonal as available) $2
  • Add Whipped Cream $1

Egg N Muffin   Western (With Ham)  $7    Regular  $6
Made with egg, red pepper, red onion, tomato, Havarti cheese, and a splash of spice.

Bistro Pastry  $4
Spinach & Feta or Leek & Parmesan as available

Fruit, Yogurt & Granola Cup $3

We also have a daily selection of danishes, pastries, deserts & cookies.

Fruit, Yogurt & Granola Bowl

Juice Bar


The ‘Defender’   $8
Super Immunity Booster juice made with Kale, Carrots and Orange.

  • Add Mango $1
  • Add Flax Seed Oil $2


Served with your choice of either a side of soup or seasonal greens salad.

Pear & Brie Sandwich

Pear & Brie on Raisin Walnut Bread  $10
Pear & brie with a light honey mustard dressing on a sliced dense artisan-style raisin walnut bread.

Zesty Roasted Turkey  $11
Roasted turkey with mayo, lettuce, tomato, havarti and Ranch dressing on a soft artisan bun.

Savory Artichoke  $10
Red onion, artichoke, lettuce, tomato, havarti, balsamic reduction, served on an organic flax loaf.

Roast Pork with Moroccan Marinade  $12
Roast pork with Moroccan spice and a tangy Apple Sultana Coleslaw, served on sliced multigrain bread.

Turkey Sandwich


Light Caprese Salad 

Light Caprese Salad  $4
Refreshing tomato & basil salad with olive oil & balsamic reduction.

Caprese Salad  $6
Same great tomato & basil salad with Bocconcini cheese.

Garden Salad  $8
Made with red pepper, red onion, tomato, cucumber and Romaine.

Kale Salad  $9
Tossed with mango, a refreshing lemon & honey vinaigrette and topped with toasted pine nuts.              

  • Add Avocado  $2

Kale and Mango Salad


Pear, Avocado and Blue Cheese Salad  $9
A tangy and fruity combination drizzled with a zesty avocado dressing.

Grilled Mahi Tuna & Cannellini Bean Salad   $14     
Grilled Mahi tuna on top of a cannellini bean, avocado, mango salad with a lemon-oil vinaigrette.


Duck Rolls with Sauce

Duck Spring Rolls  $8
Served with a sweet & spicy Thai basil sauce.

Sweet and Savoury Artichoke Tapenade Bruschetta  $9
Served on artisan style raisin walnut crisps.

Soup of the Day  $8